Domain Registration and Signup for Hosting

So are you ready to start setting up a new WordPress website? You may or may not have already searched and found the keywords and the niche market that you want to startup with. (For example, if you are thinking about going with Google Adsense mainly, then you should have researched for the keywords that pay out the high amount . I will probably talk about keyword searching in the blogs, but not here )

If you did, good for you because we are about to start to register the domain name for your keywords. If you didn’t , spend some time thinking about which keyword you will be starting with. If you just want to start right away, at least come up with a decent domain which can be used for any type of marketing strategies.

Basically, you can register domain with one ISP and sign up for the hosting with another ISP. However , I recommend you to do both with the same ISP for the first time. But once you get to know better with the whole process, you can look for cheaper domain registration service provider later.   []

Which shared hosting service provider should I use?

Finding the right web hosting provider is one of the difficult tasks that you need to do. You want cheap and decent , yet reliable hosting provider. Customer service quality is another important factor. There are so many out there and all claims they are the most reliable cheapest service provider, so it is confusing and time consuming task.

The very important qualifications of hosting service package are …

  • Unlimited Bandwidth : You don’t want your site to be dragged down with bandwidth (total data transfer size) limitation or paying extra money.
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting : You will eventually register more domains and would want to host the multi websites in your hosting account.
  • PHP 5 and MySQL for WordPress
  • Customer Service : You should choose the one with the best Customer Service. You can find out the Customer Service Quality by checking other forums and websites easily. What are you going to do if your web server is down and you can’t contact the Customer Service?
  • Decent Backup service: Such as making automatic weekly backup of your data files

I have experience with three hosting providers. I considered myself tech savvy and decided to go with the dedicated server with the first provider thinking that was the only way to host multiple domain websites. Spent about $30 per month for two years. And compared to the current shared hosting account the server was terribly slow. (Pentium 4 with 500 MB memory).

Then I was trying to cut  down my monthly spending and found out I was paying way too much for nothing! So I moved to current shared hosting provider and very satisfied with them. One is FastDomain and another recent one is Hostgator[]

1. Fast Domain

Fast Domain was my first shared hosting provider. I have been using it about 2 years now and I am quite satisfied with their hosting service and customer service. They have only one hosting package and the plan includes almost all the features with unlimited everything.

As for the customer service experience, I had one case that my website was not working and I was unable to connect to it.  They have 888 number, but I tried the Live Chat service on their home page. I was able to speak to this support person soon and he informed that there were some PHP issue and advised me it will be resolved very soon. It took about 2 hours but I was satisfied because they were acting fast and knew what’s going on . They give the customers peace of mind by explaining the situation in detail.

I actually maintain Two fast domain shared hosting accounts now. One is for me  and another is for my uncle’s business. I love their hosting plans and the customer services.[]

Fast Domain CPANEL

  • Shared Hosting Package and Pricing: One package  for $7.95 monthly but 1 year subscription is required. (Cheaper monthly fee if you select longer subscription period) Note that the 1 year domain registration fee is included so you don’t need to spend extra on the new domain registration.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting : Yes
  • PHP 5 and MySQL : Yes
  • Customer Service : Very good customer service based on personal experience.
  • Backup service: Automatic Daily and Weekly backup of the home directory (within the same server and disk). Also full/partial backup can be generated manually as archive file.
  • URL:

2. HostGator

I have been with HostGator only for 2 months and I haven’t had any customer service experience myself yet. However, during the initial research I got a very high recommendation of HostGator for its service and customer service quality . And that’s why I chose Hostgator as my new provider. Their plans also include pretty much of everything and unlimited bandwidth, disk size and domains (for ‘Baby’ and up only) []

Hostgator CPANEL

  • Shared Hosting Package and Pricing: They have three shared hosting plans. But select ‘Baby’ plan for multiple domain hosting. I guess the price is little bit expensive than Fast Domain ($9.95 monthly) and there is additional $15 for the new domain registration. But with HostGator, the minimum subscription period is 1 month! So the initial payment would be $15+ $9.95 =  $24.95.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting : Yes
  • PHP 5 and MySQL : Yes
  • Customer Service : Very good customer service based on research (forum).
  • Backup service: No but full/partial backup can be generated manually as archive file.
  • URL:

So, basically the service plans of two providers are very similar . But when it comes to the pricing, For  FastDomain  , you need to pay $95.40 for the 1 year signup which is the minimum required plan. For HostGator, you can start hosting service for $24.95 (domain registration $15 + monthly $9.95) but the 1 year total is $134.40.

There must be better deals out there, but remember that the most important factor to consider is the quality of customer service and how they treat the customers. What will you do if your website is down and you are unable to contact the hosting provider? []

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