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WordPress is the most popular blog platform and one of the popular tools for the Internet Marketing these days.

WordPress is easy to install and provides unlimited possibilies with abundant of free themes and plugins throughout the Internet.

See below Google Trend graphics. I searched for Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Movable type. And the growth rate of WordPress popularity is amazing. Probably WordPress will become the standard software for the blogging and website content management system. Almost everybody starts with WordPress when they start a new website.


I think, with the ever growing popularity of Internet Marketing , WordPress may have been recognized as the powerful Marketing tool and platform for the advertisements. And that is why WordPress is getting more attention everyday.

Here at WP Marketing (WPM) , we will show you how to start a WordPress Website step by step. This approach is to host your own website using your own domain name and hosting service. Therefore this will cost you about $20 for the first month and $5~$10 per each following month depending on your hosting package. ( More details on the next Domain Registration and Signup for Hosting page) Also note that you can host multiple websites (multiple domain names) in a single hosting service.

There are other methods of using free services such as blogger.com or wordpress.com. However, many experienced Internet Marketers do not recommend to go with these services becaues it’s possible that they change their policy anytime, taking away previleges, banning the ADs, terminating your blog at any time. (Especially, WordPress.com does not allow Adsense)

We prefer the self hosting of WordPress software and we will talk about how to setup WordPress and how to dress up just for the Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

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