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Another great Marketing tool – Wikipedia

Posted in Internet Marketing, Marketing Tools on January 6th, 2010 by HanaDaddy – Be the first to comment

Here is a very good marketing strategy that you may have not known before. Using Wikipedia as Marketing Tool. Check out this great article from Inc.

As a simple minded person , I have only used Wikipedia to look up things, but not actually joined or contributed as a member before. But by contributing and adding up your ‘links’ in the related keyword /External link section, you can have good organic traffic coming to your websites.

Some of the key points mentioned by the article discuses below items.

  • Search your company name on Wikipedia. (Or the terms related to your keywords)
  • Start with a stub.
  • Include links to third-party sites.

Personally, I believe adding links to the External Links section would work nicely. But beware, others can update or delete the links freely as you can update the links in the webpage. And there is a moderator who monitors the quality of the data being updated.

This is a External Links section of ‘Netbook’ result page


This is a edit page of the External Links section.


Anyone can update the page. But for the popular keywords, the moderator or other users activities are very active and eventually your modification may be deleted if yours found to be SPAM links.

Therefore I recommend you to add links with high quality informational pages only that someone might actually benefit from the information.