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Top 5 WordPress Plug-in for Internet Marketing – All in One SEO Pack

Posted in SEO, Wordpress Plugins on October 13th, 2009 by HanaDaddy – 3 Comments

Have you wondering why your blog’s traffic does not increase at all even if you spend time and posted quality articles? If you are trying to start WordPress blog, you absolutely need to have below plug-ins installed before starting Internet Marketing. So you do not waste any of your valuable time.

1. All in One SEO Pack : SEO is important. It’s the most important part of the website maintenance. and the most difficult. Main SEO tasks consist of managing title tag, and keyword  and description meta tag. Especially I think title tag and description meta tag are important.  ‘All in One SEO Pack’ plug-in make it very easy to maintain out of the box. You can define title , keyword, and description not only for your blog but for every articles using the article’s content. You can specifically define them manually or the plug-in will automatically generate them using tags and categories.  This is the most popular plug-in for SEO.

Once activated you will need to update the settings in the ‘All in One SEO’ sub menu under Settings. You will need to select enable and fill out the Home Title, Description, and Keywords.  For the other options, you can just use the default settings.



I think more important feature is that you can define individual settings per post. Without this feature, a WordPress blog will have the same keyword and descriptions throughout all the sub pages. That’s really terrible for the SEO.


There are other numerous SEO plug-ins in the WordPress website. ‘Headspace’ is another popular SEO plugin-in, but it’s a little bit more complicated than ‘All in One SEO’. 

I highly recommend ‘All in One SEO’ and you will see the results right away if your website has not been SEO optimized before. I had an experience that the traffic was increased about 20% after the plug-in installation. Be patient, the traffic increase was started about a week later.

If you know any other good SEO plug-in, let me know.

Next plug-in is about Google Analytics.

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Redirection 301 and 302 and Google

Posted in SEO, Wordpress, Wordpress Plugins on September 23rd, 2009 by HanaDaddy – Be the first to comment

301 and 302 http reply codes indicating redirections are very much different in terms of Google SEO. And did you know WordPress is always using 302 by default?

Let’s see what the difference is first.

301 :  Moved Permanently. 301 tells you that the current website requested by current URI is moved to a new brand new URI, so you should drop the originally used URI. If you are moving a website to a different domain, this is the way should be done.

302 : Moved Temporarily. 302 tells you that the current redirection is temporary  and you should use the original request URI next time you visit again. If you are temporarily redirecting to a page (site update or special product promotion…), this is it.

Now let’s see How Google sees these redirection codes. If 301 is used, Google will move original request URI’s PageRank to the new destination URI. And eventually remove the request URI. If 302 is used PageRank will be intact to the original website and the original website will also benefit from the destination website’s content.

Many shared webhosting accounts set up both www (ex. )and top level domain ( to point to the same webpage by default. If you use them both website URLs thinking they are the same address, you are mistaken. In fact, you will eventually split the PageRank and pages might be considered as duplicated content.
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