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Amazing High Quality WordPress Themes – Absolutely Free!

Posted in Wordpress, Wordpress Themes on March 9th, 2011 by HanaDaddy – Be the first to comment

Hello everyone, I was searching for free WordPress themes for my next project. And I started from’s Free Theme Directory. But eventually disappointed at the quality of the their free themes. I mean they are OK, but not good enough in terms of the qualities even the popular ones. So I have spent some time checking out the Google results for the “wordpress themes” keyword one by one.

And found these gems. High quality wordpress themes which are absolutely free.

First, check out these goodies from popular “For Purchase” themes provider ‘woothemes’. They have some free themes which are nice. Actually these free themes have been available for some time now, but they still look good. Just remember to select “Free” from the selection box. So you can browse only the free themes.


Now here is another great site that provides High quality wordpress themes. There are 11 themes right now but it seems the collection is growing as time goes by. Their themes are all WP 3.0 compatible , supporting menu management. And they are absolutely free! I checked out all the themes and loved them all. I really appreciate for sharing the beautiful themes with all of the Internet users. Cheers to site5!

Please share with us if you know any high quality WordPress theme sites. Thank you.

Updated: Actually you can find a lot more High quality free wordpress themes by googling “free high quality wordpress themes”. Here are some of the results. It’s surprising that there are so many high quality themes.