WP Marketing » Topic: Captions? http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/captions Wordpress for Internet and Affiliate Marketing en-US Sat, 21 May 2011 09:03:33 +0000 http://bbpress.org/?v=1.0.2 <![CDATA[Search]]> q http://wpmarketing.org/forum/search.php hanadaddy on "Captions?" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/captions#post-221 Mon, 18 Oct 2010 10:47:39 +0000 hanadaddy 221@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>I am sorry but at this time, you can't use Caption feature of Flowplayer 4 with Hana Flv Player. </p> <p>I will add this feature in the next version. Thank you. </p> mgoitein on "Captions?" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/captions#post-214 Wed, 22 Sep 2010 16:40:06 +0000 mgoitein 214@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>I did repeated searches, and couldn't find this anywhere.</p> <p>How would I do captions with the Hana FLV player?</p> <p>I believe I could handle them with the FlowPlayer, using the Caption Flash Plugin:</p> <p><a href="http://flowplayer.org/plugins/flash/captions.html" rel="nofollow">http://flowplayer.org/plugins/flash/captions.html</a></p> <p>Is that just a matter of calling the correct variables? Can I stack them 2 deep like that?</p> <p>Thanks for any info you might have... </p>