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And it will be automatically resize on mobile devices. </p> hanadaddy on "Displaying the Play sign in the middle of the video with mediaelement.js" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/displaying-the-play-sign-in-the-middle-of-the-video-with-mediaelementjs#post-567 Tue, 10 Jul 2012 18:09:29 +0000 hanadaddy 567@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Adding screenshot for example.</p> <p> <a class='bb_attachments_link' href='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=567&bbat=45'><img src='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=567&bbat=45&inline' /></a> </p> hanadaddy on "Displaying the Play sign in the middle of the video with mediaelement.js" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/displaying-the-play-sign-in-the-middle-of-the-video-with-mediaelementjs#post-566 Tue, 10 Jul 2012 18:02:13 +0000 hanadaddy 566@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello</p> <p>I removed the BIG center Play Arrow icon because it was ugly when viewed with mobile devices. If you want to show it again, you will have to edit the PHP file unfortunately. Also if the player is used in the sidebar with smaller width and height, the BIG center arrow image does not scale down automatically. So it is really awkward and ugly. </p> <p>Open <code>plugins/hana-flv-player/hana-flv-player.php</code> then edit below line at 516 </p> <pre> .mejs-overlay-button, .mejs-overlay-loading {display:none;}&lt;/style&gt; </pre> <p>to below</p> <pre> &lt;/style&gt; </pre> CAUM on "Displaying the Play sign in the middle of the video with mediaelement.js" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/displaying-the-play-sign-in-the-middle-of-the-video-with-mediaelementjs#post-565 Tue, 10 Jul 2012 13:47:03 +0000 CAUM 565@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello,</p> <p>Thanks for your work. I'm using your plugin with Wordpress since months without any problem.<br /> I just update an old video from .flv to .mp4 and apply the MediaElement player today.<br /> Very easy and always so easy to setup. Thanks again.</p> <p>Just a question: how can we playing the PLAY sing (the arrow in a circle) in the middle of the video with mediaelement.js as it appears with the player2 and on the home page of mediaelement.com?<br /> (it is important for some people to show very clearly what they can do in front of a video when there is no autostart) </p> hanadaddy on "Firefox -mediaelement.js video buffer fully loads before play" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/firefox-mediaelementjs-video-buffer-fully-loads-before-play#post-557 Sat, 23 Jun 2012 17:53:59 +0000 hanadaddy 557@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello. Thank you for using my plugin.<br /> In fact, I have experienced similar problem. I heard that you also need to run qt-faststart to move video metadata into the first section of the video, so the player can show them right away without full downloading the movie. For my case, qt-faststart did work and the video started when only the first few seconds of the file was downloaded.</p> <p>Not sure if this the case for you since you mentinoed other FLV players were working fine with progressive download . But check out my post on this issue and try for yourself.</p> <p><a href="http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/hana-flv-player-supported-video-types-flv-h264mp4#post-532" rel="nofollow">http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/hana-flv-player-supported-video-types-flv-h264mp4#post-532</a> </p> rjh on "Firefox -mediaelement.js video buffer fully loads before play" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/firefox-mediaelementjs-video-buffer-fully-loads-before-play#post-556 Sat, 23 Jun 2012 06:18:33 +0000 rjh 556@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>I am using Firefox 12.0. I use Hana FLV player v2.9.3 and it works great with FLV as the video buffer fills as the video plays. I am unable to replicate this behaviour with the HTML5 Mediaelement.js player (option 5), as the video has to be fully loaded into the buffer before it starts to play. Some the videos are quite long and it is unacceptable to wait quite a time before play starts. I notice on the <a href="http://mediaelementjs.com/" rel="nofollow">http://mediaelementjs.com/</a> the video does play as the buffer fills, so I'm sure it is possible.<br /> I have found that this topic has been raised before, but no solution was given.<br /> Here is a typical example of the settings I use:</p> <p>[hana-flv-player<br /> video="http://www.mysite.com/video/videofile.mp4"<br /> width="320"<br /> height="240"<br /> description="Video Clip"<br /> clickurl=""<br /> clicktarget=""<br /> player="5"<br /> autoplay="false"<br /> loop="false"<br /> autorewind="true"<br /> splashimage="http://www.mysite.com/video/start_frame.jpg"<br /> /] </p> hanadaddy on "Problems using Mediaelement.js option" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/problems-using-mediaelementjs-option#post-553 Wed, 20 Jun 2012 17:13:01 +0000 hanadaddy 553@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>That's good to hear. There seems to be a javascript issue, so I changed the routine a bit.</p> <p>And the white space is in fact caused by your title div with class attribute "headline_area" . It has margin-bottom of 2.2em.</p> <pre> .headline_area { margin-bottom: 2.2em; } </pre> <p>Thanks for the reply. </p> zorro1965 on "Problems using Mediaelement.js option" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/problems-using-mediaelementjs-option#post-551 Wed, 20 Jun 2012 12:20:59 +0000 zorro1965 551@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>That seemed to work...! Tanks...! Kind of curious what it was?</p> <p><a href="http://www.zenonthegreen.com/">Golf Instruction Videos</a></p> <p>Only problem I see still is there still seems to be a lot of white space above where the video is inserted. I can probably tweak that with CSS a bit. But that may also be a tweak you may want to tweak in your plugin for others. </p> <p>Once again thanks..!</p> <p>Zorro...! </p> hanadaddy on "Problems using Mediaelement.js option" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/problems-using-mediaelementjs-option#post-549 Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:26:48 +0000 hanadaddy 549@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello. Thank you for using my plugin.<br /> I think I know what's causing the problem.<br /> Please try with this one and let me know if it's working OK.<br /> <a href="http://wpmarketing.org/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=1" rel="nofollow">http://wpmarketing.org/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=1</a> </p> hanadaddy on "Problems using Mediaelement.js option" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/problems-using-mediaelementjs-option#post-548 Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:25:01 +0000 hanadaddy 548@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello. Thank you for using my plugin.<br /> I think I know what's causing the problem.<br /> Please try with this one and let me know if it's working OK. </p> zorro1965 on "Problems using Mediaelement.js option" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/problems-using-mediaelementjs-option#post-546 Tue, 19 Jun 2012 15:58:32 +0000 zorro1965 546@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>I am having problems with the player when using the mediaelement.js option as I want the videos to work on most mobile devices like Iphone and Ipad. </p> <p>Notice that it's putting this code just above the video and there is a lot of white space. <blockquote>'); }</blockquote></p> <p>I am not sure what it is. Pulled my hair out. Does anyone have any ideas?</p> <p><a href="http://www.zenonthegreen.com/">Golf Instruction Videos</a></p> <p>Zorro...! </p> hanadaddy on "Best way to post mp4 video on Wordpress" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/best-way-to-post-mp4-video-on-wordpress#post-533 Wed, 09 May 2012 09:38:57 +0000 hanadaddy 533@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Just quick update on the video format.<br /> I found that only specific video and audio codecs are supported in Android 2.x versions. </p> <p>Video : H.264 Baseline<br /> Audio : AAC</p> <p>Check below link more information on how to generate such video files using free open source software. </p> <p><a href="http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/hana-flv-player-supported-video-types-flv-h264mp4#post-532" rel="nofollow">http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/hana-flv-player-supported-video-types-flv-h264mp4#post-532</a></p> <p>Thank you. </p> hanadaddy on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-531 Fri, 04 May 2012 14:36:49 +0000 hanadaddy 531@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>version 2.8.3 is the MediaElement.js AUTOPLAY fixed version . </p> <p>I am working to add more feature to control and define the options of MediaElement.js. </p> <p>You will be able to customize the control buttons and define other options. </p> hanadaddy on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-530 Thu, 03 May 2012 16:49:38 +0000 hanadaddy 530@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Setup a test page and send the URL by PM. I will check further.<br /> It may have something to do with the theme you are using and its javascript. MediaElement.js requires latest jquery library to work properly.</p> <p>Thanks </p> Robhartley on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-529 Thu, 03 May 2012 16:25:55 +0000 Robhartley 529@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>oh, by the way, i have tested this video page on my ipad and iphone and it works great, apart from not auto starting. great, great plugin! keep up the awesome work. </p> Robhartley on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-528 Thu, 03 May 2012 16:10:01 +0000 Robhartley 528@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>i coped the code exactly and it still doesnt autostart. it does autoload and also loops, once i click on the video. i tested it on both firefox and explorer. could it be my video if it is working for you? i know it autostarts for the other players. </p> hanadaddy on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-525 Thu, 03 May 2012 12:47:46 +0000 hanadaddy 525@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>gpgconcierge,</p> <p>Thanks for your compliment.</p> <p>Regarding Apple devices, it's really difficult for me to troubleshoot because I don't have one of them.<br /> About Android, I had some issues myself . By the way, you need to have the videos encoded in h.264.<br /> Why don't you setup a test page? I can check it out tonight.</p> <p>Thank you. </p> hanadaddy on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-524 Thu, 03 May 2012 12:36:52 +0000 hanadaddy 524@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Try below code. I changed the colon to equal sign and it worked.<br /> Also note that the more_2 attribute only works with player 2. </p> <p>I am checking now if it's possible to remove the controls for player 5 (MediaElement.js)</p> <pre> autoload:'true' autoplay:'true' loop:'true' </pre> <pre> &lt;?php if (function_exists('hana_flv_player_template_call')){ $hana_arg=" video='http://www.lisalaserusa.com/wp-content/uploads/Rotatingintroducer.mp4' player='5' width='300' height='250' description='Intuitive Laser Introducer with the RevoLix Jr Laser' autoload='true' autoplay='true' loop='true' more_2=\"showStopButton: false, showScrubber: false, showVolumeSlider: false,showMuteVolumeButton: false, showFullScreenButton: false, showMenu: false, controlsOverVideo: 'locked',controlBarBackgroundColor: -1, controlBarGloss: 'none', usePlayOverlay:false \" "; echo hana_flv_player_template_call($hana_arg); } ?&gt; </pre> Robhartley on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-521 Thu, 03 May 2012 10:25:23 +0000 Robhartley 521@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Thanks for the speedy reply. i just tested it on firefox and internet explorer. it doesnt autostart. i have the options selected, i even have the autostart code in the sidebar.php. see below. any suggestion why im not getting the same results as you?</p> <p>&lt;?php<br /> if (function_exists('hana_flv_player_template_call')){<br /> $hana_arg="<br /> video='http://www.lisalaserusa.com/wp-content/uploads/Rotatingintroducer.mp4'<br /> player='5'<br /> width='300'<br /> height='250'<br /> description='Intuitive Laser Introducer with the RevoLix Jr Laser'<br /> autoload:'true'<br /> autoplay:'true'<br /> loop:'true'<br /> more_2=\"showStopButton: false, showScrubber: false, showVolumeSlider: false,showMuteVolumeButton: false,<br /> showFullScreenButton: false, showMenu: false, controlsOverVideo: 'locked',controlBarBackgroundColor: -1,<br /> controlBarGloss: 'none', usePlayOverlay:false \"<br /> ";<br /> echo hana_flv_player_template_call($hana_arg);<br /> }<br /> ?&gt; </p> gpgconcierge on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-518 Thu, 03 May 2012 02:41:28 +0000 gpgconcierge 518@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hi Hana!</p> <p>Huge fan of your plugin and how quickly you update it :)</p> <p>Anyways... I just upgrade my MediaElement.js plugin and tested it on my iPhone4 and the video works. It doesn't auto play, but instead you have to push the play button on the screen and then it takes the iPhone to "full screen" mode and plays the video. Once it's done you have to hit the "Done" button to get back to the site. Is there anyway to get around this and just have it auto play on the Apple internet window?</p> <p>But that's secondary, the main reason I am writing this is because the video won't play on Android devices :( I'm waiting to hear back from my client whether or not the video he provided is H.264 codec. Could that be causing the no play Android issue? </p> <p>Thanks again Hana! </p> hanadaddy on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-517 Wed, 02 May 2012 23:00:59 +0000 hanadaddy 517@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Okay, I have tested and modified Hana FLV Player .</p> <p>The MediaElement.js autoplay now works with Firefox, Chrome, IE8, IE9 , and Safari.</p> <p>But was unable to test correctly with my Android Tablet . It was much slower than PC , so the video playback was unstable and it seemed that the whole video is downloaded before playing the video. </p> <p>But I don't have any Apple device - iPhone or iPad. Can someone test and let me know if MediaElement.js actually does the job ?</p> <p>Please upgrade and let me know if you have any questions.</p> <p>Just note that HTML5 video implementations are little bit different between the browsers and that is why the behavior is bit unstable. At least , that's what I read from the Internet. </p> hanadaddy on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-516 Wed, 02 May 2012 18:10:09 +0000 hanadaddy 516@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello<br /> Thanks for reporting. It is true that autoplay does not work under Firefox. It works with Chrome.<br /> I will check more tonight. </p> Robhartley on "video 5 wont autoplay" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/video-5-wont-autoplay#post-515 Wed, 02 May 2012 16:36:36 +0000 Robhartley 515@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>I change the code from player 4 to player 5 and the autostart option i have selected in options doesnt work. it does work when i change it back to player 4. any ideas? i want to be able to use player 5 as we have mobile users. </p> richc on "Best way to post mp4 video on Wordpress" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/best-way-to-post-mp4-video-on-wordpress#post-513 Wed, 25 Apr 2012 16:54:35 +0000 richc 513@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>No problem with the small donation ... the Hana Flv player with the Mediaelement.js is working well for .mp4 files on all devices. Besides using outside video embeds, I&#39;m looking forward to keeping as much as possible on my own servers ... or using some kind of free cloud storage for video perhaps, of course questioning <a href="http://mydesultoryblog.com/2012/04/cnet-who-owns-your-files-on-google-drive/">Google Drive</a> at the moment.</p> <p>I&#39;m looking for something similar and simple that would emulate the lightweight player or bar type that I&#39;m currently -- flash based -- for embedding mp3 audio. Something that doesn&#39;t take up much space and would play/stream in all browsers and devices. Below is a screen image of a current use of an audio clip.</p> <p> <a class='bb_attachments_link' href='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=513&bbat=38'><img src='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=513&bbat=38&inline' /></a> </p> hanadaddy on "Hana-Flv does not display warning when using on iPad/iPhone" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/hana-flv-does-not-display-warning-when-using-on-ipadiphone#post-511 Tue, 24 Apr 2012 23:02:09 +0000 hanadaddy 511@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello, </p> <p>The latest version 2.8.2 (<a href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hana-flv-player/" rel="nofollow">http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hana-flv-player/</a>) now supports iPhone, iPod, and iPad if you select MediaElement.js HTML5+Flash player.</p> <p>If you use regular Flash video player (Flowplayer, etc) , then gray square box (with defined width and height) will be showing with "Flash not supported" message when viewed with iPhone, iPod, and iPad .</p> <p>Thank you! </p> hanadaddy on "Best way to post mp4 video on Wordpress" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/best-way-to-post-mp4-video-on-wordpress#post-510 Tue, 24 Apr 2012 22:50:40 +0000 hanadaddy 510@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Great news! Thanks a lot for your donation too. </p> <p>Sorry, no I don't have mp3 plugin. Don't know much about it yet. Once I have more information about it, I could make a plugin . </p> <p>Thanks and take care. </p> richc on "Best way to post mp4 video on Wordpress" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/best-way-to-post-mp4-video-on-wordpress#post-509 Tue, 24 Apr 2012 16:23:30 +0000 richc 509@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Genius! Yes ... that&#39;s the plug-in that was causing the problem. Thanks for the above chart and all the advice. I appreciate your Hana plug-in and hope you keep it working. Any chance you have a universal .mp3 plug-in that works in place of the flash normally used?</p> <p> <a class='bb_attachments_link' href='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=509&bbat=37'><img src='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=509&bbat=37&inline' /></a> </p> hanadaddy on "Best way to post mp4 video on Wordpress" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/best-way-to-post-mp4-video-on-wordpress#post-508 Tue, 24 Apr 2012 11:50:17 +0000 hanadaddy 508@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>That was a really nice informative post. Thank you.</p> <p>MediaElement.js is HTML5 video player and supports Flash and Siliverlight fallback. See below browser compatibility chart from their website. If H.264 encoding is used , all browsers and Apple devices should be supported. </p> <p>According to your post, IE 9 and Firefox 11 do not support MediaElement properly, but when I tested under the testing WP blog in my PC, they both work OK. I noticed that you are using javascript minify feature of caching plugin. Can you disable the javascript minify and test again? I have a hunch that it has something to do with this issue.</p> <p> <a class='bb_attachments_link' href='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=508&bbat=36'><img src='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=508&bbat=36&inline' /></a> </p> richc on "Best way to post mp4 video on Wordpress" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/best-way-to-post-mp4-video-on-wordpress#post-507 Mon, 23 Apr 2012 17:29:27 +0000 richc 507@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Thanks for the update. Yes my video is H.264 with the .mp4 wrapper. Chrome plays both FLV Player Maxi and the Mediaelement.js embed. Firefox and IE only the FLV Player Maxi embed ... and of course Apple devices like the iPad only working with the Mediaelement.js embed. </p> <p>I&#39;ve tried a couple things with Wordpress but another issue is the caching which you mentioned. I&#39;ve post a couple of screen shots to <a href="http://mydesultoryblog.com/2012/04/video-for-wordpress-hana-flv-player/">my blog</a> as well as the two different embeds with short test clips.<br /> <a href="http://mydesultoryblog.com/2012/04/video-for-wordpress-hana-flv-player/" rel="nofollow">http://mydesultoryblog.com/2012/04/video-for-wordpress-hana-flv-player/</a></p> <p>I used a little Kodak Playsport Zx5 pocket camcorder on the lowest setting WVGA setting&quot;targeted&quot; for the iPad ... and although I think the files could be better optimized for streaming, they seem acceptable for short videos. I&#39;d like to get away from utilizing YouTube for a few things.</p> <p> <a class='bb_attachments_link' href='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=507&bbat=35'><img src='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=507&bbat=35&inline' /></a> </p> hanadaddy on "Best way to post mp4 video on Wordpress" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/best-way-to-post-mp4-video-on-wordpress#post-506 Mon, 23 Apr 2012 15:23:50 +0000 hanadaddy 506@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello, have you tried using Mediaelement.js with H.264 video files? As long as I know, it should work with all the browsers including Apple devices (iPhone, iPad). </p> <p>Let me know the browser that Mediaelement.js + H.264 video combination does not work.</p> <p>Thank you. </p>