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I wasn't thinking about mulitple flowplayer running at the same page. </p> <p>This will solve that problem.</p> <pre> [hana-flv-player video="http://pseudo01.hddn.com/vod/demo.flowplayervod/flowplayer-700.flv" player="4" autoload="true" autoplay="false" more_4="onStart: function() { if (!this.bufferingStopped){ if (!playersArray) var playersArray=new Array(); playersArray.push(this.id()); setTimeout( function() { name=playersArray.shift(); $f(name).stopBuffering(); }, 1000 ); this.bufferingStopped = true; } }" /] </pre> joschi on "only buffer first frames for preview" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/only-buffer-first-frames-for-preview#post-472 Mon, 20 Feb 2012 15:15:29 +0000 joschi 472@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Ok, there seems to be an issue: if i open a single post it seems that the browser loads onely the first second of the video then stop till play is pressed. but if i watch the whole category e.g. firefox buffers 4 of 6 videos, mainly the 3rd and the 4th dont buffer... with crome onely the first (oldest) video dont buffer but the rest still do... if i open every videopost in a new tab this bug isnt happen... i will sent you a link with PM... </p> <p>with kind regards<br /> joschi </p> joschi on "only buffer first frames for preview" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/only-buffer-first-frames-for-preview#post-471 Mon, 20 Feb 2012 04:28:05 +0000 joschi 471@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>works fine! many thanks :D </p> <p>even if my site is very smal and still fameless i hope you anyway pleased with a "folowed" backlink to your blog :)<br /> you can find it under "About" </p> <p>so thank you!<br /> Joschi </p> hanadaddy on "only buffer first frames for preview" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/only-buffer-first-frames-for-preview#post-470 Mon, 20 Feb 2012 01:10:06 +0000 hanadaddy 470@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>By the way, Once the browser loads the video, it doesn't download the file over the Internet.<br /> So , I find it easier to test with private browsing mode . </p> hanadaddy on "only buffer first frames for preview" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/only-buffer-first-frames-for-preview#post-469 Mon, 20 Feb 2012 01:06:52 +0000 hanadaddy 469@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>joschi , first thank you for using my plugin.</p> <p>Actually , &quot;Using the First Frame Of Video as splash image&quot; was one of my unresolved issue.<br /> It was possible by setting autoload=&quot;true&quot; and autoplay=&quot;false&quot;. However the buffering didn&#39;t stop causing unnecessarily bandwidth usage. I wanted to load only the first few frames just to show as the splash image.<br /> I was not able to find the solution at that time and I assumed there is no existing solution for it.</p> <p>Now, I did spend quite time researching on this issue. I had some hints from the Flowplayer forum, but the solution was not clean, so I had to play last several hours just to get the cleaner and simpler solution.</p> <p>And here it is.<br /> You can just copy and paste the codes and see for yourself right now.</p> <pre> [hana-flv-player video=&quot;http://pseudo01.hddn.com/vod/demo.flowplayervod/flowplayer-700.flv&quot; player=&quot;4&quot; autoload=&quot;true&quot; autoplay=&quot;false&quot; more_4=&quot;onStart: function() { if (!this.bufferingStopped){ thisObj = this; setTimeout( function() { thisObj.stopBuffering(); }, 1000 ); this.bufferingStopped = true; } }&quot; /] </pre> <p>Here are the reference links</p> <p><a href="http://flowplayer.org/forum/2/10163" rel="nofollow">http://flowplayer.org/forum/2/10163</a><br /> <a href="http://flowplayer.org/demos/plugins/streaming/first-frame.html" rel="nofollow">http://flowplayer.org/demos/plugins/streaming/first-frame.html</a></p> <p> <a class='bb_attachments_link' href='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=469&bbat=28'><img src='http://wpmarketing.org/forum/?bb_attachments=469&bbat=28&inline' /></a> </p> joschi on "only buffer first frames for preview" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/only-buffer-first-frames-for-preview#post-468 Fri, 17 Feb 2012 23:38:09 +0000 joschi 468@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>hi,<br /> first thng first, great plugin! :D </p> <p>but i have one question: is there a way, to autobuffer the first few frames to just show the "automatic splash screen"? so i have a page with a list of 6 posts, and he began to buffer al the videos :( thats much traffic for my server and slow connections. but add manualy 500 thumbnails isnt a option ether in my opinion ;)<br /> i know that flowplayer is capable of start and stop buffering... </p> <p>greetings from berlin<br /> joschi </p> hanadaddy on "Autohide on Flowplayer v3" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/autohide-on-flowplayer-v3#post-153 Sat, 17 Apr 2010 18:21:46 +0000 hanadaddy 153@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Yeah, I do not know the exact settings for Flowplayer v3, but you can use below settings for Flowplayer v2 auto hide.</p> <pre> [hana-flv-player video="http://localhost/wp271/wp-content/plugins/hana-flv-player/babyhana.flv" player="2" more_2="showVolumeSlider: false, controlsOverVideo:'ease',controlBarBackgroundColor: -1, controlBarGloss: 'low' " /] </pre> dcuinc on "Autohide on Flowplayer v3" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/autohide-on-flowplayer-v3#post-134 Wed, 10 Mar 2010 16:55:31 +0000 dcuinc 134@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>I suppose I could use one of the presets on the v2 player. It looks good too.<br /> -David </p> dcuinc on "Autohide on Flowplayer v3" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/autohide-on-flowplayer-v3#post-133 Wed, 10 Mar 2010 11:53:17 +0000 dcuinc 133@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello,<br /> Great plugin by the way. I didn't quicky find where I could get the controls to autohide on Flowplayer v3. Can somebody help me or direct me please?<br /> Thanks.<br /> -David </p> Ilse on "Loop is not properly working in player 2?" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/loop-is-not-properly-working-in-player-2#post-132 Wed, 10 Mar 2010 06:07:53 +0000 Ilse 132@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>aaah ok :) Thank you very much for the fast reply! </p> hanadaddy on "Loop is not properly working in player 2?" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/loop-is-not-properly-working-in-player-2#post-131 Tue, 09 Mar 2010 23:12:04 +0000 hanadaddy 131@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello Ilse, </p> <p>This is known problem with option 2 (flowplay v2) itself. I tried to find a solution for this but couldn't. </p> <p>Sorry. </p> Ilse on "Loop is not properly working in player 2?" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/loop-is-not-properly-working-in-player-2#post-130 Tue, 09 Mar 2010 16:59:47 +0000 Ilse 130@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hi!</p> <p>First of all, I would like to say that the FLV player is a dream! There's is only one thing I run into and I can't seem to get it solved myself. I have implemented the player in my header and chose player nr 2 as I don't want to have any menus or borders shown. The purpose is to let the video show constantly. Therefore I have added the loop:true, attribute. But when I open my page, it only runs twice and then stops. When I try the other players, the loop works perfectly. Have I been missing anything while configuring the player or is it perhaps a bug?</p> <p>Just to be complete, this is the code I use:</p> <p>&lt;?php<br /> if (function_exists('hana_flv_player_template_call')){<br /> $hana_arg="<br /> video='theurltomyvideo.flv'<br /> player='2'<br /> width='940'<br /> height='277'<br /> more_2=\" showStopButton: false, showVolumeSlider: false, showMuteVolumeButton: false, hideControls: true, controlBarBackgroundColor: -1, controlBarGloss: 'none', showFullScreenButton: false, showScrubber: false, showMenu: false, controlsOverVideo: 'locked',controlBarBackgroundColor: '-1',autoRewind:true, autoplay: true, loop: true, usePlayOverlay: false,,<br /> \"<br /> ";<br /> echo hana_flv_player_template_call($hana_arg);<br /> }<br /> ?&gt;</p> <p>Thank you very much in advance and keep up the good work!</p> <p>Ilse </p> hanadaddy on "Can I get a still image to display after video has finished?" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/can-i-get-a-still-image-to-display-after-video-has-finished#post-85 Sun, 29 Nov 2009 23:25:57 +0000 hanadaddy 85@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>gdg , sorry for the late reply. </p> <p>By default, autorewind is ON (TRUE), which means that the first splash image will be shown again when the movie is finished playing. I did perform some testing myself and confirmed that this is true.</p> <p>You mean the splashimage attribute didn't work at all? Please perform the testing with the files included in the plugin folder.</p> <pre> [hana-flv-player video="http://localhost/wp-content/plugins/hana-flv-player/babyhana.flv" width="400" height="330" description="" player="2" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" splashimage="http://localhost/wp-content/plugins/hana-flv-player/splash.jpg" /] </pre> <p>Of course, you will need to change 'localhost' to your domain name before testing above shortcode.</p> <p>If you are trying to explore Flowplayer's playlist functionalities, maybe my plugin is not the solution for you since the <code>playlist</code> for Flowplayer is not supported at this time. You may want to look into this resource page. ( <a href="http://flowplayer.org/v2/player/playlists.html" rel="nofollow">http://flowplayer.org/v2/player/playlists.html</a> ) </p> <p>If you still experience the same problem , please leave the URL showing the errors. So I can further review the case.</p> <p>Thank you! </p> gdg on "Can I get a still image to display after video has finished?" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/can-i-get-a-still-image-to-display-after-video-has-finished#post-78 Sat, 21 Nov 2009 15:46:31 +0000 gdg 78@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>I am trying to display a still jpeg image after my video stops. I am using player 2. When I use splashimage nothing displays even with autoload equal to false. can I use playlist? Any help would be appreciated. </p> hanadaddy on "upgrading flowplayer to 3.1.5" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/upgrading-flowplayer-to-315#post-66 Sat, 14 Nov 2009 20:36:31 +0000 hanadaddy 66@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello focusedphil ,<br /> You can use value <code>4</code> for the <code>player</code> attribute to use Flowplayer v3.1.1.<br /> Value <code>2</code> is for the Flowplayer v2.2.1</p> <p>Originally I thought of upgrading and replacing Flowplayer 2 with version3, but there was high possibility of creating problem for the users who were using version 2. So I added version 3 as additional player for the plug-in.</p> <p>You can set the default player in the settings page. The default player is used when <code>player</code> attribute is not defined in your [hana-flv-player] shortcode.</p> <pre>[hana-flv-player video="http://localhost/wp-content/plugins/hana-flv-player/babyhana.flv" width="400" height="330" player="4" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" /] </pre> focusedphil on "upgrading flowplayer to 3.1.5" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/upgrading-flowplayer-to-315#post-62 Thu, 12 Nov 2009 20:46:07 +0000 focusedphil 62@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello</p> <p>Is it possible to one upgrade the flowplyer from 2 to the latest 3.1.5? I've downloaded it from flowplayer.org.</p> <p>thanks </p>