WP Marketing » Tag: email link - Recent Posts http://wpmarketing.org/forum/tags/email-link Wordpress for Internet and Affiliate Marketing en-US Sat, 21 May 2011 14:44:47 +0000 http://bbpress.org/?v=1.0.2 <![CDATA[Search]]> q http://wpmarketing.org/forum/search.php hanadaddy on "email link & embed within player" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/email-link-embed-within-player#post-67 Sat, 14 Nov 2009 20:47:16 +0000 hanadaddy 67@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Hello again kim_w ,<br /> As long as I know such functions are not supported by most of the open source free flash players. And I believe this is something that Hana Flv Player can not support at this time. Sorry. </p> kim_w on "email link & embed within player" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/email-link-embed-within-player#post-59 Mon, 09 Nov 2009 14:40:45 +0000 kim_w 59@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>I was looking for a way to allow viewers the option of sending the video in an email, and/or to embed the video on their own site. I know some players (YouTube, for example) have buttons either in the control bar or as pop up icons at the end of the video that do this. Do you think that something I would have to figure out how to code myself? </p> hanadaddy on "email link & embed within player" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/email-link-embed-within-player#post-57 Mon, 09 Nov 2009 12:15:47 +0000 hanadaddy 57@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Not that I know of. There is no native support for email link for all the flash players included in the hana flv player plugin. What exactly do you have in mind? I think there are some articles about embeding emails overlay(?) in the flowplayer.org forum. But have not had enough to time to dig further. </p> kim_w on "email link & embed within player" http://wpmarketing.org/forum/topic/email-link-embed-within-player#post-55 Fri, 06 Nov 2009 13:55:41 +0000 kim_w 55@http://wpmarketing.org/forum/ <p>Is it possible to add an embed or email link on the player?</p> <p>Thanks! </p>