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Fighting Adblock

Posted in Internet Marketing on August 7th, 2009 by HanaDaddy – 1 Comment

Are you using Adblock Plus? Adblock Plus is a Firefox browser plugin which helps blocking almost all the known Advertisements from the website effectively. So users can enjoy the website without hassle.  It’s really great and one of the popular and best Firefox plugins.

In fact, I installed and use it time to time. I do not enable it all the time because I do like to see how other websites utilize and position the ADs.

But probably Adblock is the most hateful software of Internet Marketers (IM). It blocks the ADs.  It effectively shuts down Adsense and most of the other known AD widgets including Amazon’s. Everybody feels the pain the many webmaster complains AD revenue has dropped more than 50% compared to last year. It’s clear that Adblock is one of the reasons.

So how many people use Adblock?
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bbPress Forum setup

Posted in Internet Marketing, Wordpress on August 5th, 2009 by HanaDaddy – Be the first to comment

I have completed the bbPress setup yesterday. I have been thinking of setting up forums for the support of my WordPress Plugins. I have been using Blogs comments as the method of getting users feed back but it is somehow limited and the blog post itself is getting slower loading the comments. So I was reviewing for several forum software such as phpBB , vanilla , and bbPress. ( check out Wikipedia for more forum software )

I guess phpBB is the most popular and powerful forum software but I decided to go with bbPress. After all bbPress is currently being developed by WordPress team and has the same plugin and theme concept as with the WordPress. The software is pretty much simple in functionality but many functions can be added by addtional plugins. The most difficult part was to integrate current Wordpress theme with bbPress. But it was also easier than I expected. By just adding additional style sheet and adding some extra head information into th ‘header.php’ template, I was able to apply the wordpress theme’s look and feel to bbPress.

So, please come and leave any quesions or comments on the plugins and Internet Marketing.

Thank you for visiting WP Marketing.

I’m new to Internet Marketing, what do I do?

Posted in Internet Marketing on July 28th, 2009 by HanaDaddy – 2 Comments

Well you need to spend some time researching! Here are three very popular Internet Marketing Affiliate forum websites.

There are vast amount of information already in these sites and you will need to spend quite some time reading and learning what to do. So I think you won’t need any additional website links for a while.

WarriorForum –

Digital Point Webmaster Forum

Good luck.