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rel=nofollow is not working

Posted in Internet Marketing on August 25th, 2009 by HanaDaddy – Be the first to comment

As I browse websites, I found this blog article dated Jun 16  about nofollow no longer works to affect or to sculpt Page Ranks. Whether you use nofollow or not, all the links are being processed equally from one year ago.

About 2 weeks ago Danny Sullivan highlighted that Google follows Javascript links, and that sculpting PageRank using rel=nofollow no longer works. Matt Cutts shared that second bit to the shock and awe of the SEO industry at the recent SMX conference.

Commenting is a very good way of building backlinks. But just remember, spam won’t do it. It has to be real comment to be effective. 

So everybody start commenting now.

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Glossary

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I just came across a really nice list of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Term Glossary List. Basically it explains most of the marketing keywords in short and easy to understand description. Do you know what CPC,CPM,PPC,and ROI mean? You do? Good for you, you are a seasoned IM.

advertising network: A service where ads are bought centrally through one company, and displayed on multiple Web sites that contract with that company for a share of revenue generated by ads served on their site.

algorithm: The technology that a search engine uses to deliver results to a query. Search engines utilize several algorithms in tandem to deliver a page of search results or keyword-targeted search ads.

anchor text: The clickable text part of a hyperlink. The text usually gives visitors or search engines important information on what the page being linked to is about.

click through rate (CTR): The rate (expressed in a percentage) at which users click on an ad. This is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by the total number of ad impressions. CTR is an important metric for Internet marketers to measure the performance of an ad campaign.

content network: A group of Web sites that agree to show ads on their site, served by an ad network, in exchange for a share of the revenue generated by those ads. For example: Google AdSense or the Yahoo Publisher Network.
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Avoid using trademark in your domain name

Posted in Internet Marketing, Wordpress on August 13th, 2009 by HanaDaddy – Be the first to comment

Many Internet Marketers should be careful when selecting new domain name. Using a own domain name for a marketing landing page is popular method these days (instead of using subdomains of or By just spending few dollars , one can maximize the unique niche keywords and its branding.

However, people tend to be naive and make a big mistake without thinking. When they create a domain name based on popular social website or services, they can basically be sued and their precious domain name can be taken away  or disabled forever.

So make sure that you don’t use the exact word of the popular web service name in your domain and come up with a unique idea for your new domain and new product name.

Even GNU has a policy not to use the word ‘wordpress’ in domain names. ( So just remember, do not use the popular website or any other well known product’s name in your domain and product name! (Such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc)

Here is an article that a desktop software developer of ‘My Twitter Butler’ who is being asked to transfer the domain name to Twitter due to the trademark (Twitter) being used.

Twitter Cracking Down On Trademark Violators

Twitter demanded that Collins stop using the company name in his app. The microblogging service also told Collins to deactivate the site and transfer that domain to the company.

In addition, Twitter threatened to suspend Collins’ account and take “such steps as it deems necessary to protect its intellectual property rights,” unless he complies with the demands by Aug. 24.