Cowboys From Hell / Pantera

29 Jan 2007
Cowboys from Hell is Pantera's fifth album and their first Atco Records album, released on July 24, 1990. This was their first commercially successful album, exposing the band's choppy rhythms and dissonant vocals to mainstream audiences for the first time. Cowboys from Hell is seen as Pantera's "official" debut by most fans, as well as the band itself as they left behind their glam metal past and began to exhibit a more groove metal-oriented sound. The album was available on tape, CD, vinyl and a Limited Edition version (Same album but in a long box).
1 Cowboys From Hell 4:6 Play
2 Primal Concrete Sledge 2:13 Play
3 Psycho Holiday 5:19 Play
4 Heresy 4:46 Play
5 Cemetary Gates 7:2
6 Domination 5:4 Play
7 Shattered 3:21 Play
8 Clash With Reality 5:16 Play
9 Medicine Man 5:15 Play
10 Message in Blood 5:9 Play
11 The Sleep 5:47 Play
12 The Art of Shredding 4:18 Play