Portishead / Portishead

9 Oct 1997
Portishead is the second album from the band of the same name, released on September 30,1997 on Go! Discs Records. It presents a darker, grainier sound than their previous record. It received less attention from the media but managed to reach #2 on the UK Album Chart and #21 on the Billboard 200 chart. It is the longest of the band's three albums. The album's sound differed from Dummy, the main differences being that much of the music was composed and recorded by the band, then pressed to vinyl.
1 Cowboys 4:39 Play
2 All Mine 4:0 Play
3 Undenied 4:20 Play
4 Half Day Closing 3:47 Play
5 Over 3:55 Play
6 Humming 6:2 Play
7 Mourning Air 4:12 Play
8 Seven Months 4:16 Play
9 Only You 4:59 Play
10 Elysium 5:54 Play
11 Western Eyes 3:59 Play