Dummy / Portishead

16 Sep 2002
Dummy is the 1994 debut album of the Bristol-based group Portishead. It reached #2 on the UK Album Chart and #79 on the Billboard 200 chart, going gold in 1997. Building on the promise of their earlier EP—"Numb"—it helped to cement the reputation of Bristol as the capital of Trip hop, a nascent genre which was then often referred to simply as "the Bristol sound".The cover is a still of Gibbons from the short film that the band created—To Kill a Dead Man—which originally got them signed due to their self composed soundtrack.
1 Mysterons 5:6 Play
2 Sour Times 4:14 Play
3 Strangers 3:58 Play
4 It Could Be Sweet 4:19 Play
5 Wandering Star 4:53 Play
6 It's a Fire 3:49 Play
7 Numb 3:58 Play
8 Roads 5:5 Play
9 Pedestal 3:41 Play
10 Biscuit 5:4 Play
11 Glory Box 5:5 Play