Moon Safari / Air

15 May 2006
Moon Safari is the first full-length studio album by the French band Air, released in 1998. The album is considered a classic of the chillout genre. It scored hits with the tracks "Sexy Boy", "Kelly Watch the Stars" and "All I Need" (which features vocals by Beth Hirsch). Moon Safari debuted at number five in the UK album charts mainly due to almost universally glowing reviews by the British music press and the success of the single "Sexy Boy".
1 La Femme d'argent 7:9 Play
2 Sexy Boy 4:56 Play
3 All I Need 4:27 Play
4 Kelly Watch the Stars 3:47 Play
5 Talisman 4:15 Play
6 Remember 2:33 Play
7 You Make It Easy 4:0 Play
8 Ce Matin-lÓ 3:38 Play
9 New Star in the Sky 5:39 Play
10 Le Voyage de PÚnÚlope 3:10 Play