Colour The Small One / Sia

15 Mar 2004
Colour The Small One is Sia's second studio album. 12 tracks are listed on this album, and her most popular track Breathe Me is one of them. The track immediately gained popularity after featuring in the series finale of TV show "Six Feet Under". Singles from this album include Breathe Me, Don't Bring Me Down, Sunday, Numb and Where I Belong. The song The Bully was co-written with the artist Beck
1 Rewrite 4:44 Play
2 Sunday 4:16 Play
3 Breathe Me 4:33 Play
4 The Bully 3:50 Play
5 Sweet Potato 3:59 Play
6 Don't Bring Me Down 4:24 Play
7 Natale's Song 2:31 Play
8 Moon 5:0 Play
9 The Church Of What's Happening Now 4:26 Play
10 Numb 4:39 Play
11 Where I Belong 4:43 Play