Google search ranking algorithm changed today, dropping many spam sites

Today (4/25/2012) many Internet Marketers faced terrible news that Google has changed their search ranking algorithm  that actually affected many many websites including mine. I just found out that one of my favorite SEO site has disappeared completely from the targeted keyword search page.  Many IM are apparently very upset. (

Here is the article from Google Webmaster Central Blog. I highly recommend every IM to read and understand the Google’s intention against Black Hat SEO marketers. Another step to reward high-quality sites

For me, I think my affected site was basically dropped because of “keyword stuffing” and unrelated keyword linking service that I used out of desperation that the site’s ranking was dropping quickly early this year. Here is the sample of unrelated keyword link.


I personally believe Google has done the right thing,  what should have been done already. Effective spam site detection and removal will guarantee the better search results and promote White Hat SEO with high quality contents, so we can all benefit from it. Cheers !

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