Important Rules of Adsense that you should be careful about

Deploying Google Adsense was maybe the first thing that you have done as an Internet Marketer or blogger to earn extra income. It is the easiest way to make money. (Easy to deploy and you can trust them since it’s from Google.)

But you should be really careful and follow Google’s guide on how and where to show the Adsense ADs. Otherwise your AdSense account will be closed and you will be banned. Once banned, you should prove that you didn’t cheat (I heard this is really difficult).

One of the worst mistakes is to buy clicks from a party from oversea country where manual labor is really cheap. Please don’t fool yourself and don’t ever try to cheat Google or you will loose the easiest way to earn money. I have seen so many people doing this and they all failed and banned from Google.

So here are the basic rules of Google AdSense.

  1. Don’t click on your own ads.
  2. Don’t ask others to click on your ads.
  3. Don’t include any prohibited site content, including adult content, violence or excessive profanity, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), or copyrighted material.
  4. Don’t modify the AdSense code.
  5. Do follow our Webmaster Quality Guidelines.
  6. Do provide a good user experience.
  7. Don’t place more than 3 ad units, 3 link units, 2 search boxes, and 3 referral units on any page.
  8. Don’t place images near ads in a way that may mislead users into thinking that the images are associated with the ads.

Some tips from me:

* Do not put too many ads in a page. I read that too many Ads will result low CPC ads showing up. That means each click will earn less money. Using 2 ~ 3  of different ad types are good.

* You should analyze your layout and refer to the Google suggested Heat map to determine the best position to maximize the chance to be seen .


* If you are expecting lots of traffics coming, contact Google Adsense Team and let them know that you are expecting traffics due to certain reason.

* One of the hot topics is that often someone clicks the AD several times ( 5 or more times). This could be seen by Google as invalid clicks and you may get warnings. For example, your keyword competitor can intentionally click your website’s AdSense AD several times intentionally, just to give you hard time. At this time , this kind of invalid multiple clicks from the same IP address can not be blocked, so you need to monitor closely and report if you suspicious activity is detected. I read some articles regarding AdLogger that blocks the multiple clicks from the sample IP, but I am not quite sure if that is allowed by Google TOS.

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  1. Ben says:

    Google Adsense = snooze

  2. If you were thinking of using AdSense, think again.

    NEVER use AdSense to monetise your sites.

    It has the lowest return of any online monetisation method which after a few weeks is enough to turn most people away from making money on the web. The days of big cash from Google through AdSense are looong gone.

    Instead, depending on the relevancy to your site, find a product on ClickBank and earn dollars per average click instead of cents. Or again, if it’s relevant to your niche then use the eBay Partner Network, or Amazon.

    But if you must use AdSense, remember this…

    Every time you build a new site and put AdSense on it, you run the increasing risk of having ALL your sites de-indexed.


    If Google come up with some new rules like all advertising companies do from time to time, and just one of your sites breaks those rules, then Google knows all of the other sites in your network too because you’ve used the same AdSense ID on all of them and they’re an easy to find target.

    At best, Google will then close your account down, at worst Google will de-index all your sites.

    For the very same reason you shouldn’t do the second biggest mistake most newbies fall for, and that’s to use Google Analytics.

    Again, all your sites are easy to find and de-index because you’ve very kindly identified them all to Google. If one site breaks their rules, all your others are history too.

    Remember, Google thinks nothing of your privacy and is building a huge database of your habits. Google cares about Google, not about you.

    To recap, what I’m saying is, by all means use Google for traffic, but that’s where the relationship should end. Find better monetisation sources and avoid using any Google services including mail.

    -Frank Haywood

  3. HanaDaddy says:

    Frank, Thank you for your insight. I agree with you 100% but the thing is that Adsense is just easier ,more attractive , and effective to use compared to other AD services. If anybody is who is following the Google’s guideline properly, they don’t have anything to worry about using Adsense.

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