Browse the Internet with multiple identities with Firefox

Probably, many of you have more than one email account with the same free email service provider ( Such as hotmail, yahoo , or Google) or multiple Youtube accounts or any other service accounts under the same service provider.

For example, you can have a Gmail account that you use only for the communication with your family and friends. However, you don’t want to mix up with business and personal life, so you might have another Gmail account for business only purpose.

However, when you use two different Gmail accounts at the same time, you would find it difficult to check the emails at the same time. Especially if you are checking both accounts often, you will need to login to Gmail every time you check the other account’s emails

Now here is the easiest way to logged into both email accounts and keep checking both emails at the same time without ever logging in again.

Firefox supports multiple profiles that you can run separate instance of Firefox with different user profiles at the same time under the same windows session.


This image is the actual screen capture of the Firefox running with two different profile information. I have applied custom theme for one of them, so I would easily distinguish one from the other.

So here it is how to set this up. It may require little bit of knowledge on Windows system, but not really. Anybody can do this.

First, make sure there is no Firefox instance is running, then run below command with Run dialog ( Win + R keyboard shortcut or can be accessed from the Start button)

firefox.exe –ProfileManager


Then below profile manager dialog will be shown. You can easily create and delete profiles. image

I have create a new profile named ‘wpmarketing’. When a new profile is created, a new profile folder is created with initial bookmark and settings under Firefox Application Data folder.

Then you need to create Firefox shortcuts. After creating shortcuts, you need to add extra arguments at the end of the target executable string. Addtional –P option with your new profile name (in this example, ‘wpmarketing’) and –no-remote option. So the final Target string would be something like below.

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P wpmarketing -no-remote


Now you can rename the shortcut icon to make it easy to distinguish and double click to run it.


However you may want the new profile to have your default profile’s customized settings such as bookmarks and addon extensions. Easy way is that you can manually copy the ‘default’ profile folder to the new profile folder.

First turn off Firefox and then open the Firefox profile folder by typing in below path info into the Run dialog. (Win + R)



You can delete the newly created profile folder ( for below example, I should delete ‘eelfbl6b.wpmarketing’ folder) and copy ‘pc74fkie.default’ and rename the new copied folder into the same name ‘eelfbl6b.wpmarketing’image

Then you can run the Firefox using the ‘wpmarketing’ shortcut icon created before, and see that all the default profile’s settings and addon extensions are migrated to the new ‘wpmarketing’ profile successfully.

So enjoy multiple identities with Firefox. Using multiple Gmail accounts at the same time is much easier and fun. Of course, you can build more links with this multiple identities method too!

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  1. Silverback says:

    Very useful, Thanks for sharing

  2. Ian says:

    Very useful, i have 3 gmail accounts that i use with the gmail toolbar and this helps alot!!!
    I should fo worked it out myself though, but i was to lazy :)

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