Fighting Adblock

Are you using Adblock Plus? Adblock Plus is a Firefox browser plugin which helps blocking almost all the known Advertisements from the website effectively. So users can enjoy the website without hassle.  It’s really great and one of the popular and best Firefox plugins.

In fact, I installed and use it time to time. I do not enable it all the time because I do like to see how other websites utilize and position the ADs.

But probably Adblock is the most hateful software of Internet Marketers (IM). It blocks the ADs.  It effectively shuts down Adsense and most of the other known AD widgets including Amazon’s. Everybody feels the pain the many webmaster complains AD revenue has dropped more than 50% compared to last year. It’s clear that Adblock is one of the reasons.

So how many people use Adblock?

Jayd Saucedo has discovered easy way to detect if Adblock is being used by the current visitor’s browser. In his blog, he explained that by checking the DIV heights of the AD after full page loading, it the height is 0 , the Adblock  is being used.

because a quick google search revealed that all you needed to do was check the height of the container your ads are in once everything has finished loading. Assuming your ads are the only thing in that container the height should return “0”. This is easy in javascript, just give your container an identifier and then check its offset height.

And he further develops necessary tools to get the actual percentage of the Adblock usage. I could use such tool. And the result was 14%. Great Job Jayd.

Let’s see the below Browser Statistics. Firefox is amazing 48% in last July 2009.


So if we just assume that 14% of Firefox users are using Adblock, Only  6.72% of the whole website popular is using Adblock.

Ok, that might not be a big percentage, but I am telling you that we need to prepare for the future since more user will definitely start using Adblock soon or later.

So what are the possible Ad revenue generating solutions that can avoid Adblock? Traditional Adsense and Amazon Widget are currently blocked by Adblock. Some says fee based memebership service which may be possible with only few high quality content providing forum(?) sites. But not possible for the rest of us.

I think one of the solutions is that each webmaster or owner now has to create the Ads by him or herself. No more of that easy Adsense Ads, but will need to act now. Become a network affiliate and using the information from the Network site. You will need to come up with unique Ad format, possibly showing in different format every time it shows. Then Adblock will have hard time detecting it.

What do you think everybody?

You can get more information about Adblock at Wikipedia.

  1. God says:

    What do I think?
    I think your a human sellout.
    I think ads are the devil.
    I think you sir are full of fail.

  2. Me says:

    I think you’re tackling the wrong end of the stick, the reason why most people use adblock is not because they hate all ads, it’s because they hate being bombarded with numerous colourful, full screen overlays. popups and worse of all automatic video/sound that plays without you doing anything.

    If advertisers restricted themselves to 1 or 2 ads a page, in the corner away from the main content and left any video/sounds to be played only at the behest of the person viewing the site lost of people wouldn’t bother with adblock.

  3. Tom says:

    Me, that is, to a large degree quite true. But, it only actually works if *all* websites play that way.
    I personally don’t like using adblock, but some adverts just irritated me so much I couldn’t bare to see them again (“one weird old trick a 57 year old mom used to look 17″).
    God, how exactly would you like content publishers to earn money? Erect a paywall around their websites? Adverts are good. Adverts let you view things that cost more than you’re willing to pay, for a price you are willing to pay, in the case of the internet free, in the case TV, not very much :)

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