Avoid using trademark in your domain name

Many Internet Marketers should be careful when selecting new domain name. Using a own domain name for a marketing landing page is popular method these days (instead of using subdomains of blogger.com or wordpress.com). By just spending few dollars , one can maximize the unique niche keywords and its branding.

However, people tend to be naive and make a big mistake without thinking. When they create a domain name based on popular social website or services, they can basically be sued and their precious domain name can be taken away  or disabled forever.

So make sure that you don’t use the exact word of the popular web service name in your domain and come up with a unique idea for your new domain and new product name.

Even GNU WordPress.org has a policy not to use the word ‘wordpress’ in domain names. (http://wordpress.org/about/domains/) So just remember, do not use the popular website or any other well known product’s name in your domain and product name! (Such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc)

Here is an article that a desktop software developer of ‘My Twitter Butler’ who is being asked to transfer the domain name to Twitter due to the trademark (Twitter) being used.

Twitter Cracking Down On Trademark Violators

Twitter demanded that Collins stop using the company name in his app. The microblogging service also told Collins to deactivate the site MyTwitterButler.com and transfer that domain to the company.

In addition, Twitter threatened to suspend Collins’ account and take “such steps as it deems necessary to protect its intellectual property rights,” unless he complies with the demands by Aug. 24.

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