Goo / Sonic Youth

7 Jun 2006
Goo is an album by alternative rock band Sonic Youth, released on June 26, 1990. A remastered version was released in 2005. Goo was the first album released after the band signed to major label Geffen Records. Their albums became more accessible and less experimental, but still retained elements of a trademark collage of noise. Many songs on Goo start and end abruptly; a departure from Daydream Nation which was known for its long, psychedelic guitar intros and outros. Songs
1 Dirty Boots 5:28 Play
2 Tunic (Song for Karen) 6:22 Play
3 Mary-Christ 3:11 Play
4 Kool Thing 4:6 Play
5 Mote 7:37 Play
6 My Friend Goo 2:19 Play
7 Disappearer 5:8 Play
8 Mildred Pierce 2:13 Play
9 Cinderella's Big Score 5:54 Play
10 Scooter And Jinx 1:6 Play
11 Titanium Expose 6:27 Play