James Blake / James Blake

8 Feb 2011
Released 7th February. The past couple of years have seen creative explosions and new generations coming through in both dancefloor electronics and heartfelt, introspective singer-songwriting, but self evidently they’ve remained mutually exclusive genre islands. Until now. With a uniquely emotional electronic production style every bit as deeply personal and impassioned as his voice or songwriting, James Blake is sketching out his own totally unique place in the musical universe.
1 Unluck 3:0 Play
2 The Wilhelm Scream 4:34 Play
3 I Never Learnt to Share 4:52 Play
4 Lindisfarne I 2:42 Play
5 Lindisfarne II 2:58 Play
6 Limit to Your Love 4:37 Play
7 Give Me My Month 1:53 Play
8 To Care (Like You) 3:53 Play
9 Why Don't You Call Me 1:33 Play
10 I Mind 3:31 Play
11 Measurements 4:20 Play